Trees and their uses are described by experts, mythologists and tree lovers in their books and literature till today.

But now days after taking into consideration the Population Explosion, Global warming, and Industrialization, tree plantation and agriculture is the only way to enrich the world’s environment and economic development.

Due to rapid industrialization there is a much depletion of skilled manpower. At such time irregularity in rainfall, increase in agricultural products cost, unavailability of workers, as compared to market price and income cannot provide livelihood as per the need. So, it’s not thoughtful to wait for basic need such as wood, timber, fuel, paper and pulp, and other types of wood materials used in packaging industry, matchstick and pencil.

Now, let’s go ahead and grow trees in farms, non-agricultural land, fencing and borders and get more production benefits and move towards better environment and society.

From geo-morphological point of view, we should plant such trees which are adapted to this environment, easy to grow in agro-forestry and gives maximum benefit at lowest cost and lowest labor. For helping you, we are trying to grow such trees which will provide today and future requirement of the market.

We also provide consultancy services to industries and companies for growing and nurturing of trees in waste land and reserve land in and around their industrial units, which also provide shelter, aesthetic look and economic benefits.

From economical point of view, tree farming is not behind from industries and cash crops. Therefore tree farming of 3-5 years in one acre provides benefit of 60,000 – 80,000 Rs per year.

So, Friends what are you waiting for? The time has come for implementation of revolutionary thought of Agro-Industrial-Tree Plantation-Farming. The Nature is with you.

List of Trees for Agro-Industrial-Tree Plantation-Farming which are adapted to this environment:-

Sr. No.

Botanical Name

Gujarati Common  Name


Casuarina equisetifolia



Eucalyptus tereticormis



Ailanthus excelsa



Gmelina arborea



Tectona grandis



Santalum album



Melia dubia

Milia dubia


Leucaena leucocephala



Azardirachta indica


plant profile

  • The name of this plants is "SHARU"(Casuarina)...
  • The value of this Plants is more high compare to other plants..
  • This Plants age is approximately 45 to 50 years.
  • Height of this Plants is approximately 25 to 32 feet during 5 years.
  • One of  the most highly fast grow tree.
  • Reduce the temperature in the enviornment 7 to 10 degree.
  • Suitable plants for the area which has not enough water.
  • This plants can be easily grow in polluted water....



Economical profile

Serial No No of Plants Time Period Area Approx..Expenditure Income/acre Net Profite
1 1721 5 years 1 acre 1,11,904 6,02,000 4,90,096

Economically Profite of this plants that indicate approximately as per condition.